The Sri Lanka-Russia Business Council was inaugurated on 09th August 2001, on the initiative of the then Russian Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Mr. Mikhail A. Konarovskiy and then Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Chandra Jayaratne with a primary objective to function as a promoter and facilitator of bilateral trade, investments and tourism between Sri Lanka and the Russian Federation, particularly to promote exports to Russia.

The membership of the Council stands at 75 members as at 31st July 2021


  • To promote trade, tourism and other services between Sri Lanka and Russia and in particular to promote exports from Sri Lanka to Russia.
  • To encourage Russian investment and joint business ventures in Sri Lanka between Russian and Sri Lankan investors.
  • To exchange information on trade and investment with the appropriate bodies in Russia.
  • To conduct joint meetings with Russian business organizations in Sri Lanka and in Russia.
  • To serve as a recognized representative of business sector interests in Sri Lanka in matters concerning business relationships with Russia.
  • To promote Sri Lankan participation in trade fairs in Russia.
  • To co-operate with the Government of Sri Lanka in the pursuit of the above objectives.
  • To establish links with the Chambers of Commerce in Russia to cooperate with each other in the pursuit of each other’s objectives.
  • To undertake all matters that is incidental or conducive to attaining the above objectives.