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Discussion with Russian Business Delegation: Explores Business Opportunities in Sri Lanka

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A prominent Russian business delegation comprising five members from the Vladimir Region visited Sri Lanka to explore potential business opportunities. To facilitate productive interactions between the delegates and the local business community, the Sri Lanka-Russia Business Council, organized a networking session on 17th February 2023. More than 20 Sri Lankan companies representing diverse sectors, including agriculture, food industry, chemical industry, oil & gas, and logistics, enthusiastically participated in this event.

The visit of the Russian delegation aimed to forge stronger ties and promote bilateral trade and investment between Sri Lanka and the Vladimir Region. The networking session served as a platform for the delegates to engage with their Sri Lankan counterparts, fostering dialogue, sharing expertise, and exploring potential collaborations.

The Russian delegation was led by Mr. Sidorin Sergei, the Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Vladimir Region, and Mr. Kurganskii Ariatolii, the Head of Administration of the Kameshkovo District in the Vladimir Region. Their presence, along with other officials and members of the Sri Lanka-Russia Business Council, and registered compaanies highlighted the significance of this visit and the commitment to strengthening business relationships between the two regions.

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